...In short, and without an iota of exaggeration, I can honestly say that you have created a masterpiece, a unique instrument, second to none throughout the world ... Raphael Weidlich
German Symphonic Orchestra Berlin, Berlin
For me - when it comes to building flutes - the Bernhard Hammig instruments almost symbolize the making possible of the impossible. They succeed in uniting almost perfectly the very individual sound of the old generation of Hammig flutes, their total depth of character, with the more demanding requirements of today - increased resonance, response and intonation and also musical mobility. Bernhard Kury
The National Orchestra of Saxony, Dresden
OMG... I just played my flute in the hotel room and it's so much more unbelievable than I thought ... I can go so easily between quiet and loud and tapering notes is so effortless. And then I played part of the 2nd movement from Taktakishvili and it literally made me start crying as cheesy as that is LOL. I didn't know my sound could sound like it does now ... it's really amazing." Sara Smith
Magic Crown Customer