Mezzo by Bernhard Hammig: Affordable German Perfection

The concept behind Mezzo was simple: make a flute with the same tonal character and flexibility as the Bernhard Hammig Custom instruments, but at a price point for the growing serious flutist.

Bringing this idea into reality was much harder: the only way was to use the same headjoint found on Bernhard Hammig’s custom instruments, then match it to a body codesigned by Bernhard Hammig and Jason Blank.

Each Mezzo flute comes standard with a handmade 94.5% silver headjoint; however, all flutes can be paired with any of the headjoints listed on our headjoint page for a fee far less than buying the headjoint separately.

The flute have professional features: in tune scale, double rings on the footjoint, synthetic resonators, and are available in three body confirmations:

  • - M1: Silver plated proprietary alloy body, silver plated keys.
  • - M2: Sterling silver body, plated keys, drawn toneholes.
  • - M3: Sterling silver body, plated keys, soldered toneholes

All this starting at just $2995? Schedule an appointment to audition or contact one of our dealers and see how we make German Perfection affordable.