Bernhard Hammig North America

Bernhard Hammig North America was formed to distribute Mr. Hammig’s flutes throughout the North American Continent.

Jason Blank, flutist, author, and owner of Bernhard Hammig North America, spent five years at Haynes flutes, first as a artist/clinician then as a product manager. Upon leaving Haynes, Mr. Blank searched for someone who could create musical tools that have the colors of the “golden age” instruments of yesteryear, yet are approachable to the modern flutist. He found this in Bernhard Hammig’s atelier.

Author of The Ten Rules of Flute, Jason understands the synergy between musician and instrument, and is specifically qualified to bring not only design instruments for the growing artist, but also consult with flutists at the apex of their careers.

Let Jason Blank guide you through the daunting investment that is your flute. Feel free to contact him for a free consultation and show you why these instruments are truly “German Perfection”.