Gold Headjoints

9k Gold - Powerfull, solid, colorful

The 9k gold headjoint we import has a high copper content; so much so that we call it “red gold”. The European blended gold then goes through Hammig’s proprietary metal working process, a headjoint can then be created which connects you to the music. The 9k headjoint comes standard with a 14k gold riser and crown, but you may also audition it with our Magic Crown.

14k Gold - lush, responsive, yet refined

Our 14 gold headjoint has a flexibility that allows it to be the choice of both the orchestral flutist, chamber musician, and soloist. It offers warm, rich sounds, that project while never sounding harsh.

22k Gold - The ultimate luxury in sound

A tool for the true artist, this headjoint is the ultimate realization of Bernhard Hammig’s knowledge and design. This headjoint has colors and textures unavailable anywhere else in the world. To own one is to start a relationship with your instrument like no other.