It has been fairly recent that the flute community has embraced the huge effect the crown has on the response and tone of the flute. Crowns matter. Bernhard Hammig has developed crowns which contribute both to the core and quickness of the sound. Crowns are available in silver, various gold carat blends, and our proprietary blend that is used in the “Magic Crown”.

The Magic Crown

Not since the work of Albert Cooper has research yielded a technology that does the impossible: quicken response while making the whole instrument more colorful and alive. Bernhard Hammig, flutemaker and metallurgist, has spent years developing this crown’s shape, weight, and material. The magic crown’s rhodium plated proprietary alloy will enhance your flute’s visual and sonic beauty.

Stopper Assemblies

To further improve your sound, matched stopper assemblies are available. These finely machined stoppers, utilizing the finest cork, work particularly well on gold instruments and are the perfect partner to the Magic crown. This combination will unleash the true potential of your instrument.